OWSBOX is an innovative machine that sanitizes shoes, masks, smartphones and all your personal items with cutting-edge technology eliminating viruses and bacteria.

  • Load your items in OWSBOX


    up to 7 items at the same time, including two pairs of shoes.

  • OWSBOX sanitizes all your items


    Wait only 7 seconds after pressing the green button.

  • with OWSBOX your items protected for a week


    Sterilized items will be protected for 7 days.

Coronavirus and offices

Whether in the office or at home, we must always work with the highest possible security. Especially in Covid time. In the office, in the meeting rooms, but also inside our homes, when we’re smartworking, we have to sanitise the items on our desk.


The newest and most powerful antivirus machine

  • Compact and sturdy. W 260 x H 605 x D 555 mm
  • 220 Volt power supply. 24 Volt operation
  • Micro-nebulization with disinfectant liquid
  • 29 treatments per load
  • Produced and assembled entirely in Italy
Liquid for sanitizing treatments approved by international laboratoriesOWSBOX Refill: Liquid for sanitizing treatments approved

An all-Italian story

OWSBOX: made by Cemastir
During the lockdown, our engineers worked, in collaboration with EVOpdi researchers, to design and build a technologically advanced sanitizer, capable of protecting us from viruses and bacteria through the nebulization of an innovative disinfectant liquid, totally green, which, thanks to active nanotechnology, protects the treated objects by eliminating bacteria, viruses, odors and ensuring sanitization for up to a whole week.